shorter treatment
no more headgears
predictable results
avoids surgery
avoids tooth extractions

Skeletal anchorage is the most revolutionary technique developed in orthodontics in the past decade. While not every orthodontic patient needs it, many can benefit from it as it has the ability to:

  • deliver predictable results
  • reduce treatment time
  • avoid headgear wear
  • avoid removal of teeth
  • avoid surgery
This site is intended as a source of information for orthodontic patients to become acquainted with this new technique. Please take some time to explore it. 

Above is
an actual treatment result achieved using skeletal anchorage with braces. This patient did not have any teeth removed and did not go through surgery to correct his jaws.
"Today, everybody researches topics on the internet. I noticed however that the currently available information on skeletal anchorage and TADs for patients is confusing, incomplete, and at times biased. I originally built this site for my own patients as a source of unbiased information to bridge any information gap that may exist after a personal consultation with the orthodontist. I am glad to see though that it has become a general patient education resource for progressive orthodontists world wide." Dr. Sebastian Baumgaertel, creator of and orthodontic educator.
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